Waivers Related to Advanced Practice Nurse Licensing Requirements

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On April 1, 2020, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) released a waiver related to certain licensing requirements for Advance Practice Nurses (APRNs). Specifically, DHSS waived the requirement that physicians must review the non-controlled substance records of APRNs every 14 days until the COVID 19 emergency is declared to be over.

DHSS also waived the requirement that APRNs and physicians must practice together for one month with the physician continuously present, before the APRN may practice without the physician’s presence. As such, until the COVID 19 emergency is declared to be over, APRNs and physicians are free to establish a collaborative practice relationship, and permit APRNs to immediately practice without the physician’s presence, provided that all other requirements of the collaborative practice regulations are met.

The waiver letter is available at: https://www.pr.mo.gov/common/Waivers-Related-to-Advanced-Practice-Registered-Nurses-4-1-20.pdf

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