Lashly & Baer’s Lisa Stump on How Her Firm is Innovating Its Health Care Practice


By Lea Konczal – Data Reporter, St. Louis Business Journal
July 26, 2019 – Lashly & Baer has been providing legal services in St. Louis for more than 100 years. The midsize law firm helped make history from 1972-1999, when it worked on a case that found the state of Missouri guilty of failing to properly desegregate St. Louis’ schools. Today, Lashly & Baer has 51 attorneys in 10 practice areas and ranks 15th on this year’s Largest Law Firms List.

We spoke with President Lisa Stump to learn more about how Lashly & Baer continues to grow and innovate in the 21st century. The conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

Lashly & Baer recently formed a health care team. Tell us a bit about that. We have always had a significant practice area in health care law. We have a significant amount of health care corporate-type work, and then also we have a large medical malpractice department. But what we were finding was that there was increased activity that we were getting with existing clients in an area that doesn’t really neatly fit into either of those two. And so we formed a health care advisory team, which is really to get involved with government investigations, payer disputes, licensure issues — all those types of issues that our clients were dealing with that hadn’t really been that prominent, but have probably tripled in the past two years. I think that’s partly from the action that the government and the commercial payers have been taking with respect to the health care industry.

What is the biggest challenge facing the firm? I think our biggest challenge is just that we are growing, and we’re in an old bank building downtown. So we are going to have to start considering where we’re going to put everybody. We would never move — we own our building, and we’ve been down here since 1979. Being in the city of St. Louis is very important to us, and we’re very active in the community. As we’ve grown, we have had access to more space next door, which we’ve used. We’ve had a bridge that can go over there. I would say we will expand within our existing space.

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