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No one is immune from the law. But prior to the mid-1970s, it was uncommon to sue your accountant for malpractice. Today, such cases proliferate and require highly specialized legal representation that Lashly & Baer, P.C. provides.

We offer defense to accountants, after all, we know that in this economy accountants are increasingly targeted for malpractice suits. These legal attacks come from clients and those claiming to have sustained a foreseeable loss as a result of an accountant’s alleged negligence.

It’s not always fair, but the fact remains that victims of embezzlement, fraud, bad investors and even overly trusting employers often blame accountants for their losses. Even more disturbing is how taxpayers who have attracted the attention of the Internal Revenue Service sometimes seek to shift the focus of the investigators to the accountants.

We have dealt with allegations of RICO violations, securities fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, failure to detect embezzlements and defalcations and tax advice. We have also represented accountants in connection with alleged errors in the provision of consulting services. This is an area that will likely see substantial growth as accounting firms continue to branch out from audit and tax-related services.

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We regularly handle the following legal issues for our clients:

  • Accountant-client privilege against the disclosure of information
  • Accountants liability, malpractice, services
  • Auditors malpractice
  • Failure to detect defalcations
  • Securities violations
  • Tax preparation
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