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Handling Insurance Claims Effectively

At Lashly & Baer, P.C., we know how much of a hassle it can be to recover compensation for your injury. That’s why we’ll work with you towards that goal.

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Insurance Claims Can Get Complicated. We Can Help.

Insurance companies have teams of attorneys looking for ways to minimize payouts to those seriously injured. Attorney Andrew G. Toennies represents clients in St. Louis, Missouri, Belleville, Illinois and the surrounding areas as they fight for compensation.

Our firm represents clients in all matter of insurance claims, including those involving:

Dog Bites

We all know that dogs have been called man’s best friend, but there are times when dogs are anything but friendly. Irresponsible owners, owners that intentionally train their dogs to be aggressive, or just plain accidents can leave you or someone you love, injured, frightened and in pain from a dog bite. Worse yet, dog bites can become severely infected or even lead to humans contracting rabies.

Dog bites are so common that they are responsible for 50 percent of the payouts by insurance companies. Andrew G. Toennies knows how to deal with irresponsible, callous dog owners or insurance companies that don’t want to compensate victims fairly for the pain, suffering and emotional distress that can be inflicted by dog attacks.

Life Insurance Claims Denied Or Insufficient Payments

Responsible men and women purchase life insurance policies to take care of their families when they pass. Occasionally, however, insurance companies don’t honor their policies and pay out death benefits as agreed. During the trying times after a death of a loved one, you shouldn’t have to add fighting with the insurance company to the stress and sadness in your life.

Andrew G. Toennies understands this, and he’s here to ensure you and your family receive all that was promised and paid for. He knows the insurance companies and how they work, so you can be confident he can do battle with the big boys.

Hail And Storm Damage: St Louis And Illinois Insurance Claims

St. Louis and other parts of Missouri and Illinois have been hit with an unprecedented level of dangerous storms, damaging winds and hail damage in recent years. These losses, which have been in the millions, are costing insurance companies and homeowners a lot of money. Sometimes, even though you’ve paid your premiums and filed a legitimate claim, some insurance companies still don’t want to make you whole and help you get your home and life together.

Andrew has helped homeowners who are getting the short end of the stick, or the royal runaround, receive all their entitled to and the money they need to repair their home and get their lives back to normal. Call him if you’re not getting the coverage and service you deserve.

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