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Lashly & Baer, P.C., has represented health care providers for more than 40 years. We are counsel to major health care systems in St. Louis, several independent hospitals, long-term care facilities, the area’s largest air and ground ambulance services, and nursing homes.

Plus, we represent more than 50 hospitals and nursing homes across the states of Missouri and Illinois. These clients come to us through both insurance carriers and self-insurance programs. Issues involve professional and general liability matters such as design and use of medical equipment, denial of medical staff privileges, and intentional tort actions such as false imprisonment and assault.

We represented over 30 hospitals throughout Missouri in a claim against tobacco manufacturers and others involved in the tobacco industry in respect to unreimbursed costs incurred in treating indigent and nonpaying patients suffering from tobacco-related diseases.

We regularly litigate reimbursement matters on behalf of providers and against Medicare, Medicaid and managed care entities. One such action netted an additional $5.9 million for our client.

We also assist health care professionals who need assistance for matters regarding professional liability.

We regularly handle the following legal issues for our clients:

  • Administrative hearings and appeals of regulatory actions by state and federal agencies
  • Certificate of Need appeals
  • Facility/professional licensing
  • Fraud and abuse/anti-kickback litigation
  • General liability matters involving visitors and patients
  • HIPAA claims
  • Medical staff issues
  • Medicare, Medicaid and managed care reimbursement
  • Product liability actions pertaining to the performance, design and use of medical equipment
  • Professional liability/malpractice claims
  • Restrictive covenants/unfair competition
  • Vendor breach of contract actions

To discuss these matters with our attorneys, contact us at 314-621-2939 or use the contact form.

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