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Keeping The Election Process Fair

We advise public institutions on all facets of election law, including the important process necessary for the proper and timely submission of ballot questions. We have successfully sought court intervention in the election process when necessary to protect our clients’ interests.

We regularly address the following legal issues for our clients:

  • Ballot language
  • Campaign laws
  • Court orders to add, delete or modify ballot language for bond issues, tax levies and school board member elections
  • Elections, campaign and campaign law
  • Financial disclosure regulation
  • Initiative and referendum
  • Referenda
  • Resolution ballots, notice of election and ordinances
  • Timely and proper ballot certification
  • Use of public funds for advocacy

To discuss any matter pertaining to election law, contact Lashly & Baer, P.C., at 314-621-2939 or via the online form.

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