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  • Can You Trademark the Rally Squirrel?

    Many St. Louis Cardinals’ fans believe the Rally Squirrel was a driving force behind the team’s recent World Series victory.  The squirrel made his debut while running onto the field during one of the Cardinals’ post-season games, making national news. This now famous rodent served as a humorous mascot throughout World Series play.

    Producers of Cardinals memorabilia immediately began to use images of the Rally Squirrel on a variety of merchandise, from t-shirts to hats to water bottles. But disagreements quickly arose when some groups tried to trademark it.  So who owns the Rally Squirrel name?

    Several entrepreneurs are determined to obtain the trademark.  This battle is not just among St. Louisans, but now has become nationwide as an entrepreneur in Florida has applied for the trademark.  Obtaining the trademark would provide the “owner” with benefits, such as recognition and financial compensation for past and future uses of the name from the time of the “owner’s” first use. 

    Investigating who first coined the term “Rally Squirrel” will be difficult as it was used by dozens of people in the media, vendors and, of course, thousands of fans. In order to obtain this trademark, a person must be able to prove they created the phrase. After an application has been sent in, other parties have a limited time to contest it. One rumored party that may contest applications for the trademark is Major League Baseball.

    Obtaining a trademark is a long process and could possibly take a year to complete, which has many people questioning if it’s really worth all the trouble.  A year from now, will anyone really care about the Rally Squirrel? The winner of the trademark may not even care, especially if there is no financial gain to be made. On the other hand, who wouldn’t want bragging rights for naming the little guy who helped spur the Cardinals to victory? Even an organization as powerful as the MLB would enjoy the recognition.

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