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  • Lashly & Baer President Lisa Stump Discusses School Sunshine Law at MOASBO’s Conference

    Thursday, May 3, 2018 – Lashly & Baer’s President, Lisa O. Stump presented “Walking in Sunshine – What I need to know about Sunshine Law Requests” at the Missouri Association of School Business Officials’ 66th Annual Spring Conference in Osage Beach, Missouri. To view the presentation, click here.


  • Trending Issues in Education Law 2014

    Lashly & Baer, P.C. attorneys, Lisa O. Stump and Lawrence J. Wadsack, presented, “Trending Issues in Education Law 2014” to approximately 300 Missouri principals and administrators on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP)/MCCTA Fall Conference in Columbia, Missouri.  Their presentation covered matters including OCR Reviews and Investigations, Cell Phone Searches, Transgender Students and the Missouri Student Religious Liberties Act.

    Click here to download the presentation.

    For more information, please contact Ms. Stump at, Mr. Wadsack at, or contact your Lashly & Baer attorney.

  • Lashly & Baer Attorney Achieves Advanced Certification from The Missouri School Boards’ Association

    Lashly & Baer Attorney, Christopher D. Castellanos, also a member of the Affton 101 Board of Education, has achieved Advanced Certification in the Missouri School Boards’ Association (MSBA) certified board member program. The program established by MSBA helps local school board members master the knowledge and skills they need to function as effective educational leaders in their communities.


  • Lashly & Baer Attorney Speaks at the 2013 MoASBO Fall Conference

    On Monday, October 21, 2013, Lisa O. Stump, presented “Social Networking – Legal Implications in School Operations,” at the 2013 Missouri Association of School Business Officials (MoASBO) Fall Conference. The presentation addressed student discipline for off-campus conduct occurring on social networking sites, employees and social networking, and district use of social networking.

    To view the presentation, click here.



  • Social Networking – A friend or enemy for businesses?

    Social media is not a fad. It serves as a driver of the shift in our society to a life lived online. Companies are no longer questioning whether they should have a social media presence, but rather what type of presence would work best for their business.

    There’s an interesting dichotomy between the advantages of social media for driving a business, and the use of social media by employees and its detriment to a business and its reputation.

    So how can employers protect themselves and their business while utilizing social media for the myriad of advantages that it can offer?

    Having a written policy in place that realistically outlines the rules for social media in the workplace is critical. Because technology is evolving at an incredible rate, the policy must be consistent with changes in the marketplace and thus, reviewed regularly by a business’ legal counsel and updated on a frequent basis. As technology continues to race forward, the way in which people use technology will also change, compelling business to monitor their employees’ business use of social networks.

    It’s also worth noting that employees are only human, and in general, humans tend to do foolish things from time to time. For example, we’ve seen significant cases where school districts are facing difficulties with their staff members and inappropriate use of social media to interact with students. This is especially troubling for parents, as some instances have resulted in sexual impropriety verdicts. School districts have a difficult task on their hands as they determine how to write and manage school policies dealing with social networks.

    The benefits of social media for a business can be plenty, but employers should use caution and common sense to ensure that its purposes are clearly defined and focused.

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