When a bicyclist is struck by a vehicle, they may run into a number of immediate challenges and they may also struggle with hardships that affect them for years to come. Injuries may disrupt a victim’s life in different ways, and some injuries can create problems that last for years (such as permanent immobility and being unable to return to the workplace). Moreover, some injuries are not easy to identify right away, such as brain trauma, and bicycle accident victims may struggle with mental trauma following a crash.

Mental trauma brought on by a traffic accident may virtually shatter a victim’s life. They may have difficulty sleeping, run into problems in their personal relationships and even develop post-traumatic stress disorder. These are just some of the ways in which mental trauma can disrupt daily life. Some bicyclists are never able to ride a bike again because of their mental trauma, and they may become depressed, overwhelmed by anxiety or even angry. When a bicyclist is struck by a drunk driver or someone who was behaving irresponsibly in some other manner, it may be smart for them to file a lawsuit.

For those who are pursuing legal action to hold a reckless driver accountable, it is important to understand all of the ways in which their lives have been affected by the crash and some of the challenges they may face months and years down the road. While many people file suit due to their physical injuries and financial consequences brought on by an accident, they should not overlook the mental and emotional consequences of the accident either.

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