Auto accidents are often the result of a driver going over the speed limit or failing to abide by other traffic safety laws. However, there are unique risk factors that may not occur very often, but they can lead to a devastating accident. For example, an unlicensed driver may cause a crash, and someone who gets behind the wheel without a driver’s license may be especially likely to behave erratically. There are a number of reasons why people drive even though they do not have a license, and the consequences can be devastating.

Sometimes, very young children decide to drive a vehicle, even though they do not have a license. For example, a teenager may be upset that they are not able to drive yet, and they may try to drive to a friend’s house even though they should not be behind the wheel. Or, someone who has had their license revoked due to their poor eyesight or as a result of being pulled over for drunk driving may decide to drive regardless. In some instances, very young children may even take their parents’ vehicle onto the road, which can be extremely dangerous.

Many questions may arise when someone is struck by an unlicensed driver. For example, an auto accident victim involved in a crash that was caused by a driver who was nine years old may wonder how they will approach their recovery from a legal standpoint and which options may be available to them. If you were struck by an unlicensed driver, it is imperative to examine your situation carefully.

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