Attorneys Michael Barth and Richard Hill Secure Swift and Favorable Resolution

Published by Niki McCormick on

Attorneys Michael R. Barth and Richard W. Hill successfully defended a Lashly & Baer health care client. Less than one month ago, the Missouri Medicaid Fraud Unit alleged that there was evidence that Lashly & Baer’s client was engaged in billing fraud. Missouri Medicaid then issued a decision under which the client’s payments from Missouri Medicaid would be suspended from and after September 3, 2020. Given that Medicaid accounts for over 20% of the client’s revenue, the impact could have been devastating. The appeal of this suspension could have typically taken 18 months, during which the client’s entire business would have been threatened.

Within just three weeks, Mike and Rich prepared an appeal for their client with the Administrative Hearing Commission, and got the Commission to set an emergency hearing on a motion to stay the suspension. After reviewing the mountains of paper that Mike and Rich filed, the Missouri Attorney General lifted the Medicaid payment suspension. Their client will not miss any payments.

Congratulation to them both on behalf of the entire Healthcare Advisory Team; which includes attorneys, Richard W. Watters, Stuart J. Vogelsmeier, Nancy R. Vidal, Matthew J. Eddy, Matthew S. McBride, Michael R. Barth, Richard W. Hill, and Scott L. Pummell.